We offer two products: InTime Scoring and InTime Online.
The "classic" InTime Scoring product is priced per server licence. This is the scoring system used at First Category Events and more formalised competitions.
InTime Online - the more recent addition to our product family – is priced on a "pay-as-you-judge" basis, per video judged. It facilitates remote judging and is appropriate for once-off organisers and meets with less predictable turnout. The ISC rules are applied but the product is not ISC approved or as extensive as InTime Scoring Classis, and is a great way to host a meet without further investment or commitment beyond the upcoming meet. More details below.
InTime Scoring is priced per server licence. You may install and use as many clients, audience and download stations as you wish, but may only install one InTime server per licence. InTime Express Editions offer low cost packages for smaller setups and personal use.
We offer bulk licensing discounts. Please contact us for more information.
InTime Full Express Video Express Video & Audience Express CP Express CP & Audience Express WS & Audience
Formation Skydiving
Canopy Formation
Canopy Piloting
Dynamic Flying
Speed Skydiving
Speed Based Events
Generic Event Score Capture
Wingsuit Performance Flying
Wingsuit Acrobatic Flying
Dubbing Stations Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited N/A N/A N/A
Audience Displays Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Maximum Judges on Panel Unlimited 1 1 N/A N/A N/A
Static Results Publishing
Web Sync Scores & Stats
Freebies 5 X InTime
Express (Outdoor)
2nd Full License
Free Renewal 1st Year (1 FAI rule release) free
Included Support Remote support (2 working days), updates, fixes, new features included for renewed period. Click here for a breakdown of more dedicated support pricing.
Licence Purchase Price € 2 275.00 € 165.00 € 425.00 € 230.00 € 425.00 € 165.00
Annual Upgrades & Support Renewal € 520.00 € 40.00 € 105.00 € 55.00 € 105.00 € 40.00
InTime Online is an online scoring platform for remote scoring and result publishing.
Judges join virtual judging rooms from anywhere in the world to score together in remote judging sessions managed by the panel’s Event Judge.
Use of the scoring system is simply priced per video judged. No licencing, system overhead or commitment beyond your next competition.
  • Browser-based Audience replays and results for display at the meet, automatic, real-time result updates and video replays on InTimeScoring.com results website.
  • Predictable costs
    • Pricing works on a "per-video-judged" basis. This cost is 3 EUR per video judged
    • Per-video pricing scales costs with entries
    • No up-front licencing or hardware investment
  • Simpler logistics
    • Off-site judges (no travel, accommodation, food, transport)
    • Judging room is virtual (no physical space capacity or room setup required)
    • Minimal technology, system setup and hardware
  • On-the-fly scalability
    • Add, reduce and split panels to meet needs as you go
    • Multiple panels work in shifts or concurrently
  • Flexibility
    • Easily adjust for team, judge, or meet disruptions and cancellations as you go
    • Cherry-pick your judges – travel time and cost no longer limit your options or impact judges’ availability.
InTime Online
Formation Skydiving
Freestyle (Indoor & Outdoor)
Generic Event Score Capture
Online Audience Display & Judging Overlay Replays
Included Support Setup, testing & training, remote support
Licence Purchase Price N/A