InTime Scoring is a multi-discipline, multilingual skydiving scoring system It offers a single, consolidated application for scoring the following disciplines in accordance with the FAI Competition Rules

It also includes Wingsuit Flying Acrobatics & Performance, speed-based events such as speed stars, and lets you define and customise your own local events (e.g. development categories, novelty events, fantasy formations, etc.).

FAI compliance is a given; But attractive, professional audience displays, intuitive user interface & affordability are just a few features that sets InTime Scoring apart. Quick to learn, pleasant to use & no specialised equipment keeps InTime Scoring affordable, manageable and portable. And now InTime Scoring Express Editions allow individuals to purchase a low cost, standalone judging system for their personal use; a quick and easy, one-judge system to take anywhere!

InTime Scoring is used locally and internationally, including first category events like the 2009 CP World Cup, 2010 CP World Championship,

2011 FS & AE World Cup & European Championship, 2012 Mondial World Championships in Dubai, 2013 CP World Cup, King of Swoop 2014, World Cup of Indoor Skydiving 2014, 2015 CP World Cup, World Indoor Skydiving Championships 2015, World Air Games 2015, 40th CISM World Military Parachuting Championship and 2016 CP World Championships.

This reliable, scalable solution has proven ideal for competitions of all sizes. Through InTime Scoring, we aim to achieve an accessible, affordable and quality scoring solution for all associations, drop zones and tunnel businesses.

Annual updates follow each IPC Plenary to include the FAI rule changes implemented, ensuring that your investment remains current and continues to add value.

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