How it Works
The InTime software components can be run together on a shared laptop or installed on separate machines, depending on the needs and size of the competition.
InTime Server
The brains and system co-ordination runs the video for judges, contains the data store and co-ordinates the timing and communication between judges and Event Judge.
InTime Controller
The judging hub, this is the Event Judge’s console and lets the Event Judge manage the judging session and general meet / results management. It is where all administration takes place and where the CP scoring is captured.
InTime Client
For video-judged events only. Each judge on the panel uses this software for scoring the video-judged events.
InTime Audience
These components (Replay, Live Replay, and Direct Judging Feed) manage the display of the videos, results and live scoring on the audience screens.
InTime Dubber
Videographers (and tunnel video systems) use this to download their precious cargo directly to the server in digital format. Want to see more? Check out the layout diagram.
CP Electronics and Gate Sensors
It's all about flexibility.

InTime integrates directly with InTime CP Electronics - a leading laser-based gate sensor system, used at the 2012 Mondial World Championship, 2010 CP World Championship, Dubai Parachuting Championships II 2011, Dubai Parachuting Championships III 2011 and the 2009 CP World Cup.
If you already have CP gates and measurement electronics, you can still capture performances manually and let InTime take it from there with the calculations, result displays and event management.

And finally, if you prefer our software but your gates and still want the automation, give us a shout to find out if we can integrate with your existing CP electronics.

For technical details and product information, contact the manufacturers directly or ask us to put you in touch.
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